Race for Life app FAQs

1. I have tried to use the app but it says I need a JustGiving account, why?
The app needs to link to your JustGiving fundraising page to show you how much money you have raised and help you to thank people who have sponsored you. We encourage all Race for Life participants to set up a JustGiving page - it’s really simple to set up and use.

2. What platforms is the app available on?
The app is available on all Android and iOS (Apple) devices. You can download it on tablets as well as mobiles, but it’s really designed for a mobile screen so may not be the best experience.

3. I’m having trouble signing in
The app requires you to have registered for Race for Life and either to have an active Race for Life JustGiving page or be a member of a group with a JustGiving page. When you first enter the app, it should guide you through the process.
A JustGiving page that was not created through the Race for Life website will unfortunately not work with the app. If you have created your own page outside of this process, and would still like to use the app, you’ll need to create a new page through the Race for Life website. A Race for Life JustGiving page will have our Race for Life imagery on it.

If you have just created your Race for Life JustGiving page, it may take a day to link up, so please try again the following day.

If you are copying and pasting the name of your JustGiving page into the screen, check that there is no space at the end as this will block the signing in process.

4. I’m concerned about CRUK investing a large sum of money in the building of an app
We have considered this investment carefully and strongly feel that the app will give our fundraisers the tools they need to maximise their fundraising efforts. Ultimately, we think that the app will more than make back its production costs and increase the total amount raised for CRUK.

5. The app isn’t displaying new donations
There is a 15-30 minute delay between updates to the app. If you require seeing a refreshed donation list before that, you can fully close then reopen the app, or else check at your JustGiving page via a web browser.
If you haven’t yet seen any of your donations come through to the app, there could be a problem accessing your JustGiving data. We recommend you go to the settings menu (the small cog button to the top left of the “My race” dashboard screen) and log out of your JustGiving page then log back in.

6. I am experiencing problems using the app/the app is not working as expected and crashes or has bugs in it
Some problems can be fixed by fully closing the app, waiting 30 seconds, and reopening it. It is also worth checking in your app store to see if you can update the app as we have released a new version that fixes some of the initial bugs that were reported.
Some other problems can be fixed by uninstalling, then reinstalling the app. You will have to log in to the app again and you may lose some information. If these do not solve the issue, then please contact us.
We are keen to get it right, so if you can give a full description of what you were trying to do when you encountered the problem, with screenshots, it could help us diagnose it and fix it quicker.

7. What is JustTextGiving?
If you are in the UK and fundraising for a UK charity, JustTextGiving lets anyone donate to you by text. It's free, easy to set up and every penny goes to charity. Further details can be found here - http://www.justgiving.com/en/justtextgiving

8. Does it cost anything to donate by text?
It costs one standard network message. If you have a monthly message allowance, this will be taken from the allowance. Otherwise, the normal cost of a standard network message is approximately 15 pence.

9. The app is giving me the total raised by my group. How do I get it to show me only what I have raised?
The app will display the donation information from the JustGiving page you used to sign in with when you first installed it. If that’s a group page, all the donations will be considered together. If you would rather it pointed to a different page (perhaps you now have a separate page), you can sign out from the original JustGiving page in the Settings menu (the small cog button to the top left of the “My race” dashboard screen), then sign back in using the details of the desired page.

10. Can I use the app yet for 2016?
The app is currently only set up for 2015 events. You will be able to use the app with 2016 events from December 2015.

11. Can I use the app for more than one event?
Unfortunately the app can only be used with one event at a time. This is because it is linked to the JustGiving page you have set up for that specific event. 

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