Where your money goes

What happens to your sponsorship

Every two minutes someone in the UK is told they have cancer. As the population grows and ages, the number of cases continues to rise.  

Here at Cancer Research UK, we are world leaders in finding new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer. We want to create more tomorrows for more people and we’re determined to keep pushing forward to help beat cancer sooner.

We receive no Government funding for our research so we need your support through events like Race for Life to help us continue our groundbreaking work and help more people survive cancer. 

How your money can help Cancer Research UK

Did you know that 80p in every pound you raise goes directly towards our work to beat cancer? Here are some examples of the money you raise in sponsorship – big or small – can help us become cancer’s worst nightmare:
  • £10 buys enough glass slides to examine 500 tumour samples.
  • £94 pays for one woman in a trial to improve breast cancer survival.
  • £150 helps a Cancer Chat nurse to learn about the latest advances.
  • £300 buys a thermostat controlled water bath for accurate results.
  • £457 pays for one man in a trial into treating prostate cancer early.

If you want to find out more about the fantastic work we’re doing, visit cruk.org.


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