10k training plans

We’ll help you take on the challenge

We're working with Kiqplan, our training partner, to create simple six-week 10k training plans for women of all ages and fitness levels to help you show cancer that hell hath no fury like a woman in pink at your 10k Race for Life event this summer.

If you need more support with personalised tips and ideas, download the Race for Life app now.

We're just finalising our new plans at the moment and will put them on this page by the end of January in plenty of time for you to start training.

Top tips for everyone

  • Ensure your feet are well supported in the correct running shoes.
  • Look the part while training with our range of merchandise.
  • Make sure you don’t train on an empty stomach.
  • Take your time and pace yourself when doing longer runs.
  • Train with friends to help motivate each other.
  • Don’t forget you need to warm up and cool down.
  • Make sure you drink enough water to stay hydrated.

If you’re not sure how far 10k is, have a look at our everyday examples.


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