How far is 10k?

Anyone can do 10k with a bit of training

If you have taken part in Race for Life before, our 10k events are a great way to up the challenge or 10k might just be a distance better suited for you. 10 kilometres is just over 6 miles, which may sound a little daunting, but is an achievable challenge for anyone with a bit of training.

We have great training plans to help you take part, as well as a fantastic range of merchandise; but the first step is to find an event and enter.

10k is…

  • walking the circular Postbrige walk in Dartmoor
  • a stroll along the Grand Union Canal in central London
  • a trip through Bristol from Bedminster Library to Ashton Court Mansion
  • strolling along the River Tyne in Newcastle
  • a wander around Holyrood Park in Edinburgh
  • walking from the Millennium Centre in Cardiff to Mermaid Quay, twice
  • twice round Manchester University's campus
  • a jaunt along Beachy Head from Eastbourne to Birling Gap
  • walking up and down Bangor beach, Northern Ireland, 3 times


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