Staying active

Make the finish line the start of a new you


You’ve completed your Race for Life and shown cancer that hell hath no fury like a woman in pink. We’re proud of your achievement and we hope you are too. Months of training got you over that finish line, and now is the chance to get the most back from all that hard work. 

The importance of staying active

Being physically active can help reduce the risk of breast, bowel and womb cancers and is excellent for your overall health as well as playing an important part in helping you keep a healthy weight. Find out more about the benefits of being active.

From all your training you’ve got a good thing going, but just because your race day is over for the year doesn’t mean you have to stop all those great habits.

Top tips for staying active

Keep in touch with the girls

Did you do Race for Life with a group of friends? Keep meeting up for walks and activities with them, whether its walking to the coffee shop or a new dance class, every little bit helps.

Keep walking

Now you’ve completed Race for Life you’ll know that being active doesn’t have to be about going to the gym – unless of course you want it to be! You can keep active and reap the benefits simply by walking. Grab a pedometer to keep track of how many steps you clock up each day.

Sneak in more exercise

Look for opportunities to build activity into your daily routine and you’ll be surprised how far you can go. Doing local errands like the school run or popping to the shops on foot, or getting off the bus a few stops early on your way to work, can really make a difference.

Plan ahead

Planning ahead can help you be more active - whether it’s booking a regular time for a walk or run with your friends, or leaving heels at work so you can walk in wearing trainers.

Try ‘Back to Netball’

Follow the lead of hundreds of women all over the country who are getting 'Back to Netball’ each week.

The sessions, run by England Netball, take place around the UK and provide women of all ages with a gentle re-introduction to the sport. You can relearn the basics of the game including passing, footwork and shooting and ending with a friendly game to put your skills into practice. From losing weight to improving fitness and muscle tone, taking part in Back to Netball is great for you in so many ways. It’s a great way to make friends too.

To find your nearest session visit the England Netball website and pop your postcode into their handy session finder.

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