Donation Station

Throw all you’ve got at cancer

The clothes you never wear, the books you’ve already read, the DVDs you’ve seen so many times – bag them up and bring them to your race event. Even if you can’t carry much, just a few items will help beat cancer sooner.

When you arrive at your race venue, head for the pink Donation Station flags and drop off your bag. It doesn't have to be a Donation Station bag - any carrier bag - even a bin liner - will do.

Your bag of donated items will go to one of our local Cancer Research UK shops for us to sell and turn into life-saving funds.

Plus, with Gift Aid each bag could be worth up to £30. Why not ask your friends and family who are coming along to support you to do the same!

Over the last seven years total donations received from Race for Life supporters like you have been valued at over £8 million so you'll be making a huge difference!

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