Join forces against cancer

The best way to have fun and raise money is to get together as a team and show cancer that hell hath no fury like a woman in pink. So why not be a Group Leader and get family and friends involved?

How do I create a group?

As Group Leader your job is to rally your troops and get them to the start line. We even send you a special badge to show everyone you’re in charge. First things first, you need to enter and set up your group:

  1. Find the event you want to take part in and then start the entry process.
  2. Choose the "Create or join a group" drop down option. Enter a kick ass group name and continue with the form.
  3. Once you've entered you'll be given a Group ID of six characters. Share this with friends and family and they can use this to enter Race for Life as part of your group.

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How do I join a group?

  • Get your six-character Group ID code from your Group Leader.
  • Find the same event as your Group Leader (check you have the correct date, time and distance).
  • Start the entry process. When you get to the "Create or join a group" drop down option, enter the Group ID code in the box and continue with the form.

Do we have to run together on the day?

Race for Life events aren’t competitive, so you can go as fast or as slow as you want. You could stick together as a group and encourage each other around or increase your fundraising by seeing who can go round in the wackiest (and probably slowest) way possible.

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