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Marathon Training Plans

We know you can do this

A marathon may be a daunting prospect but there's no reason to feel overwhelmed - we will be here to support you every step of the way.

Race for Life Half Marathon

16-week Training plans

Let’s be honest – you’re not going to be able to wake up on the morning of a marathon and run the 26.2 miles without getting some serious training in first.

That’s why we have for you two easy-to-follow 16-week Half Marathon training plans from RunningWithUs. Suitable for women of all ages and fitness levels, just pick your plan, print it out and follow it to get prepped for your Race for Life Marathon. 

Build up your strength

To support both of these plans you'll need the Stretching guide and Fit in 5 workout to help with strength and conditioning – this is key to getting through the distance:

Fit in 5 plan (610.39 KB)
Stretching Guide (403.08 KB)

Try some of these stretches

Here Helen from RunningWithUs shows you a couple of exercises that will help you prepare for your big day: