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  3. Getting ready for event day

Getting ready for event day

Getting ready for your Race for Life

Anyone can take part in a Race for Life 2023, all you need to do is find an event and fundraise! 

Download a training plan

If you're looking for some extra support, download one of our training plans to help you get prepared for the Race for Life.


Easy ways to prepare for your event

If you're taking part in Race for Life and you want to get into the spirit of things beforehand, you can start walking more in the run-up to your event with our top tips:

1. Go for a short 15 minute walk - Try a short 15 minute walk every other day - why not walk the kids to school or leave the car behind when you pop to the shops?

2. Extend your activities - Take the dog for longer walks, or get off the bus a stop or two early.

3. Take a Sunday stroll - Gather the family together for a nice long Sunday stroll in the countryside! For maximum impact, try to do this a few times before your event.

4. Measure your success - Remember, even walking around the shops counts. Why not invest in a pedometer to see how far you're going? Or check your phone, most smartphones have inbuilt step trackers.

5. On the day - It's time for your event! Take it easy this week in preparation.

Walk and Talk with me

If you need a boost of motivation, check out our brand new 'Walk and Talk with me' audio series. Each episode is totally unique - ranging from walking experts like Joanna Hall sharing top tips, to influencers like Kreena Dhiman touching on personal experiences with cancer. The series will guide you along your run, walk or jog as you prepare for your Race for Life event.