1. Race for Life
  2. Prepare for your event
  3. Getting ready for event day

Getting ready for event day

People running through the finish line in an event with streamers

Whoever you are, there’s a place for you at Race for Life. Just find your event and get fundraising.

Download a training plan

Need some training support? Our sponsor Runners Need have helped us to create training plans to help you get Race ready.

Easy ways to prepare for your event

Try these tips to get you moving before your Race for Life:

1. Go for a 15-minute walk - How about walking the kids to school or leaving the car behind when you pop to the shops?

2. Extend your activities - Take the dog for longer walks or get off the bus a stop or two early.

3. Take a Sunday stroll - Gather the family together for a nice long Sunday stroll in the countryside.

4. Measure your success - Remember, even walking around the shops counts. Why not invest in a pedometer to see how far you're going? Or check your phone, most smartphones have inbuilt step trackers.

5. On the day - It's time for your Race for Life! Take it easy this week in preparation.

Top tips for everyone

Raring to go? Our sponsor Runners Need has helped us out with some tips to make the most of your Race for Life. 

1. Step one is always: wear the right shoes.  Get a personalised shoe fitting at a gait analysis appointment at any Runners Need store nationwide. Find out more about gait analysis.


2. New to walking longer distances, jogging or running? Great to have you on board! Don’t worry about your pace or how long you go for – this will come in time. Remember, consistency is key. 


3. It doesn’t have to feel like a slog: adopt a training plan that’s tailored to you and your goals. Take it from us, it’s crucial to build up your fitness gradually and to embrace a walk/run strategy in your personal plan.  


4. We’re all human. Sometimes life can get in the way of training, so make sure you schedule sessions that work for you. 


5. This is a biggy: remember to warm up and cool down before any physical exercise. Your body will thank you for it. 


6. The right nutrition will help you get the most out of your training, stay energised on runs and recover effectively afterwards.


7. Tracking your progress can help keep your motivation up. Download apps to your phone like Strava, Map My Run or Runkeeper - they’re great if you don’t own a sports watch or pedometer. If you’re looking for motivation from a running community, as well as helpful tips and insights to support you through your training, why not join the Runners Need Strava club?


8. A great night’s sleep is key to helping your body recover quickly. So go easy on smartphone scrolling, watching TV or caffeinated drinks before bed. Good morning, training!


9. Your body needs hydration to function properly. So, make sure you drink plenty of water before, during and after you exercise. Running vests are a handy way to keep hydrated on the move!


10. If you need to wear a sports bra, make sure it fits you well. It’s just as important as finding the right running shoes. Check out Runners Need's blog on how to find the perfect sports bra. 


11. Remember to stay sun smart when you’re training and keep covered up. Wearing a cap, sunglasses and suncream can offer protection from the sun during your training runs. Read more hot weather running tips from Runners Need to help you beat the heat.


12. And finally, remember why you’re doing this. You’re doing something amazing, so thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. Whatever happens, you’re a winner.