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Many people are inspired to join the Race for Life because they have read about real people’s cancer experiences in their local newspaper.

Are you taking part because you, or a loved one, have been touched by cancer? Would you be willing to be photographed and appear in your local press? If so, please share your story with us, and help us all come together to raise money for life-saving research.

Share my cancer story 


We will always contact you if there is an opportunity to involve you in publicity. and we will not give your information to the media without your permission. Your story will be treated confidentially, and won’t be available for other participants to read without your permission.

Read some inspirational stories

Find out what to expect by reading the stories of some of the brave and brilliant participants of the Race for Life:

Pamela Nelis

Pamela's Story

Pamela had avoided smear tests for years, however when she began experiencing irregular bleeding she decided to see a doctor - that’s when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer.

Her doctor informed her that the cancer had spread and that the tumour was too big to be operated on.

Assuming that the inoperable tumour meant there was no hope, Pamela almost refused to see a specialist - thankfully, a friend convinced her to go and that’s when she learnt that chemotherapy and radiotherapy had a 65% chance of success.

What followed was a gruelling struggle, which led to the breakdown of her relationship. She battled through and five years later her cancer was officially in remission.

I'm taking part in Glasgow Pretty Muddy in September because I want to give something back, help raise funds for such an important research charity and mark my five year survival. Never give up even when you think there’s no hope as I was only given a small chance of survival and I am here to tell the tale. I’m now getting married and have gorgeous grandchildren that I never thought I’d ever in a million years dream of meeting.Pamela is getting married in April 2019 - congratulations from the whole Race for Life team.


Claire's Story

On a cold January afternoon in 2009, Claire Barnard was diagnosed with Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma, a rare form of cancer, which turned her life upside down.

The diagnosis was quickly followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy to treat the huge tumour discovered growing at the back of her nasal passage, and for six months she was fed through a tube, losing five stone in the process.

“The first few times at radiotherapy seemed quite easy but being on the table for such a long time for six weeks, I had to find something to focus on whilst lying there. The one thing that kept me going, to stay strong and positive for, was my children. I didn't bring them into this world only to leave them at such an early age."

Fortunately, her treatment was a success, and after doctors gave her the all-clear, she began volunteering for Cancer Research UK.

She now spends her spare time working at The Race for Life events across the south-west, and can be found setting up the 5k course in the early hours of the morning!

My children got me through and now I am determined to show others that cancer can be beaten.