Healthy eating

Fuel for the fight

Enjoy a balanced diet, not a bland one. A balanced diet is high in fruit, vegetables and fibre and low in red and processed meat and salt. Do your taste buds and your body a favour by making sure yours has lots of variety and colour, that way you’ll have tasty food with a wide range of nutrients. And you don’t have to cut out naughty treats, just make sure they are in moderation.

Try our tips and you could be onto a winner!

  • Try to plan your meals and snacks for roughly the same times each day to help cut out unplanned nibbling.
  • Take a piece of fruit to work with you - having a banana instead of a chocolate bar could save around 150 calories.
  • Be careful about food claims. Check the fat and sugar content on food labels when shopping and preparing food. Low fat can sometimes mean high sugar.
  • Cook in smaller quantities and put aside leftovers when you serve your meal so they’re less likely to tempt you into seconds.
  • Don’t heap food on your plate (except vegetables); eating from a smaller plate can help keep portions under control.
  • Don’t forget your 5-a-day. Fresh, tinned, frozen or dried – it all counts. Having fruit or vegetables with every meal, can help you get there.

Swap it don’t stop it

Simple swaps are an easy way to start eating more healthily.

For example, red and processed meats are linked to bowel cancer so cutting down can help cut the risk. Try chicken curry instead of beef stew or switch from ham to tuna at lunch. Check out Change4Life for lots more ideas. 

Stay updated

For more tips on getting prepared for your event download the Race for Life app, which provides advice and support in the build up to your race.

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