Race for Life is for all women; it’s up to you how you take part and whether you want to run, walk or even dance your way around the course.

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    5k training plans

    5k is an achievable distance for women of all ages and abilities and we have plans for walkers, joggers and runners. 

    Get started with our 5k plans
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    10k training plans

    10k is a bit more of a challenge, but we have simple plans for both beginners and those who have more running experience which you can follow. 

    Tackle a 10k with our simple plans
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    Pretty Muddy® training plan

    Pretty Muddy® involves a lot of climbing and crawling, so check out our training plans which will give you a head start so you can tackle all the obstacles. 

    Get ready with our Pretty Muddy plan
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    Half Marathon training plans

    If you're taking part in our new Half Marathon event, we have fantastic training advice and support for you to use.

    Get your Half Marathon training help
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    Marathon training plans

    Well done for taking on the Race for Life Marathon this year. Take a look at our fantastic tips, tools and advice to help you take part this year.

    Get your Marathon training help
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    How far is 5k?

    Take a look at our everyday examples to see just how easily you can cover 5k. 

    Find out how far 5k is
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    How far is 10k?

    Thinking of doubling the distance? Check out our examples to see just how far 10k will be. 

    Find out how far 10k is
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