Become a Racercise™ instructor

All you need to know

Teaching a Racercise™ class can be a fun and rewarding experience.

Racercise™ appeals to women of all ages and fitness abilities so your target audience will be much bigger than some exercise classes. It also offers a way to engage with women who do not traditionally take part in fitness classes.

Am I eligible to be instructor?

To ensure the quality of Racercise™ classes, all licenced instructors must be qualified fitness instructors or Personal Trainers. To find out if you qualify, please refer to our FAQs below.

What do I get with my Racercise™ licence?

With your licence you will get:

  • Use of the class content and Racercise™ brand
  • Online training and instructor networking events
  • Downloadable materials for promotion
  • First box of resistance bands (includes 30m of each resistance, which works out as 20 bands per resistance)
  • Free place at your local Race for Life, if you bring your class
  • Details placed on the Race for Life website to promote class

How much does a Racercise™ licence cost?

The cost is £200+VAT for an annual licence. You will be prompted to renew your licence when it nears expiration.

How do I get a licence?

You will need to access the Racercise™ training platform to purchase your licence and complete your training. Please note that the training platform is currently unavailable – please check again shortly for updates.

How does the training work?

All your training is done online. It takes a few hours and you will have a month to complete it. You can find more information in our FAQs below.

I’m a man – can I be an instructor too?

Yes. Although the class is women-only, men and women can be Racercise™ instructors. You will still be expected to encourage your class to enter Race for Life but will need to nominate someone to get set up as group leader. And of course you’ll have to attend for support and encouragement too.

Racercise™ FAQs

For more information on Racercise™ download our Frequently Asked Questions (pdf 426KB)


If you have questions that haven’t been answered here relating to Racercise™ then please call 0300 123 1022.

Otherwise, if your query is related to Race for Life, please call us on 0300 123 0770.

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