What is Racercise™?

Racercise™ is a women only fitness class established by, and raising funds for, Cancer Research UK. Just like Race for Life, Racercise™ is accessible to all women – whatever your age and fitness ability. It offers the opportunity to get involved in a supportive and fun exercise class and be part of Race for Life year round.

Each Racercise™ class incorporates the use of a resistance band and is taught by licenced Racercise™ instructors. Racercise™ is not only the first exercise class in the UK to be constructed around the use of resistance bands, but it is also the UK’s first women-only fitness class that raises money for charity.

Racercise™ combines a mixture of aerobic fitness, toning and core work. There is a unique social element to the class with the last 15 minutes of each hour-long class dedicated to “Dwell time”. This provides an opportunity to socialise and discuss issues relevant to health and wellbeing. What does the class involve? Each class consists of four parts:

  • A group warm up and ice breaker
  • The main section of the class, where you will use the bands for strength and resistance exercises
  • A warm down
  • Dwell time

There will be three strengths of resistance band – this means whatever your ability you can all work together in one class.

Join in Race for Life

Racercise™ participants will be encouraged to come together as a class once a year, in a celebration of all they have achieved, at their local Race for Life event.

Racercise™ is a great way to get fit for Race for Life, and through the classes you can meet a great group of ladies to run with.

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