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Meet our panel of experts who will be helping you get prepared for your Race for Life event this year. Whether you’re walking a 5k or running a Marathon, the team will be here to advise on what to eat, what to wear and how to get race ready. Make sure you follow us on Facebook and download the free Race for Life app to get the latest updates from the team.

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    Nick Anderson, RunningWithUs coach

    "With over 35 years running experience and just over 20 years coaching experience, I now advise and coach runners of all levels - from complete beginner to elites. I’ve been a UK head coach for 5k, 10k and cross country runners as well as assisted with marathon squads. In 2015 I was the training ambassador for the Race for Life Marathon and Half Marathon.

    Being a qualified nutritionist and sports therapist I look at all aspects of training when coaching. This makes it enjoyable and achievable for everyone.

    I’m really looking forward to helping new, experienced and busy ladies improve their running every day and reach their goals. Find me at @nickandersonrun"

    Visit the RunningWithUs website
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    Helen O'Hara, RunningWithUs coach

    “Running has been a huge passion of mine for over 10 years. After being coached by Nick Anderson I found I loved the science and theory behind the training. This inspired me to qualify as an assistant coach and personal trainer, helping other people to achieve their goals and enjoy themselves through exercise.

    "I run exercise, post-natal, PT and running classes for mums, beginners and those looking to improve fitness. I also work with Nick at RunningWithUs where we offer bespoke training plans, coaching and running support for all.”

    Visit Helen's website
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    Jessie Pavelka, fitness expert

    Health and fitness has always been important to me and I’ve been working as a personal trainer and fitness expert for over ten years. My philosophy, the Pavelka Way, is based around taking consistent action using The Four Elements of Health- Movement, Food, Mind Power and Family- and using these to help you create sustainable change and develop the lifestyle you deserve. We all have something we are looking to overcome. Sometimes these things can seem bigger than us but I always encourage people to set a challenge in their life. Give yourself something to aim for and train for - like Race for Life.

    I’m thrilled to be back supporting the #pinkarmy. Not only is Race for Life a great way to raise money to help beat cancer sooner but it also gets us all moving. I’ll be providing you with tips and motivation to get you to that start line. You’ll find me on Instagram or Twitter and you can check out my website to find out more about the Pavelka Way.

    Visit Jessie's website
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    Leanne, running blogger, RunMummyRun

    "After having a family I realised how hard it was to juggle family, work and the hobbies I loved, so I started a small Facebook group with just three friends. We used this group to keep each other motivated in our running and to support each other. Soon the members grew and I decided to create a website and grow the community to make Run Mummy Run what it is today.

    I love running for many reasons but mainly for the brilliant health benefits, the positive social aspects and the sense of togetherness it brings. I’m passionate about empowering women, giving them confidence and offering them a way to lead happier and healthier lives through running.

    I am delighted to be supporting all of you Race for Life ladies this year with some top tips to help your training. You can find me on twitter, Facebook and Instagram too."

    Visit the RunMummyRun website
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    Charlie, running blogger, The Runner Beans

    "I am a runner - it took a long time to feel like one, but I've realised it's not a secret club. Anyone that runs is a runner! I also write about running, fitness and health on my blog The Runner Beans.

    I started running 5 years ago after signing up to the London Marathon in memory of a friend. I've since completed 5 marathons, multiple 5k, 10k and half marathons, plus the odd obstacle race!

    I’ve done Race for Life every year since 2012. I love it because it's a great way of getting my non-running friends to run with me - it encourages women of all ages, abilities and speeds to lace up their trainers for a great cause.

    Over the next few months I'll be blogging about running advice (from beginners to those trying to beat last year's PB), healthy recipes and much more. Find me at my website, on twitter and Instagram."

    Visit Charlie's website
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    Jogging Groups from Run England

    We know that lacing up your trainers sometimes can be tough. We also know that jogging with others is more enjoyable. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Run England to offer Race for Life Jogging Groups to help you prepare for your event. The groups are suitable for Beginners so don’t worry about how fit you are.

    Joining a group is a great way to help you get started or improve your running. This is why:

    - It will give you the chance to meet other like-minded people who have also just started running.
    - The groups are really informal and relaxed, but get you into the habit of a regular weekly run.
    - All the groups are led by an experienced run leader, who can offer you guidance and support to help you prepare for Race for Life and enjoy the start of your running journey.

    This year there will be groups at 45 Race for Life Events across 20 venues with hopefully more to follow next year.

    Find your local group now
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