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The money you raise for the Race for Life goes towards our work to beat cancer. With no government funding for our research, the money you raise is vital to help us carry out our life-saving work.

On this page you can see highlights of the work we’re doing to prevent, diagnose and treat more than 200 types of cancer. It’s constantly being updated with new stories so do keep checking back.

Breast cancer sufferers may be spared chemotherapy

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Some breast tumours are HER2 positive – this means they have high amounts of the HER2 molecule on their surface. Women with this type of breast cancer are generally treated with surgery, chemotherapy and drugs targeting HER2 like trastuzumab (Herceptin) and lapatinib (Tyverb).

New results from a Cancer Research UK funded clinical trial found that some women’s cancers responded well to a combination of Herceptin and lapatinib before surgery – in some case their breast cancer vanished without a trace. It could mean that these women wouldn’t need chemotherapy after their surgery. This will need to be confirmed with longer follow-up and clinical trials, and researchers still need to find a way to identify who is likely to benefit from this pre-surgery combination.