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Where your money goes

You are helping to fund life-saving research.

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Every two minutes, someone in the UK is diagnosed with cancer. Your support, through events like the Race for Life, is what helps us continue our ground-breaking work to see more people surviving cancer.

Cancer Research UK are world leaders in finding new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer. We receive no government funding for our research; we rely on the funds raised by fantastic people like you.

Help us to create more tomorrows for more people.

How your money helps us beat cancer

How we decide what research to fund

There are over 200 types of cancer for us to beat. When researchers come to Cancer Research UK with their ideas, we need to decide which projects need our support. Watch this video to see how we ensure the money you raise funds the science that stands the best chance of making a difference.

Danielle's story


Danielle was 29 years old when she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in August 2018. Living with her partner, Tim, and their young daughter, Danielle had always been fit and healthy, until she noticed a small lump in one of her breasts and decided to get it checked out by her GP.

“My little girl was only six months old and I was breast feeding, so the GP told me that the lump was likely to do with hormonal changes in my body and that there was probably nothing to worry about.”

When the lump didn’t go away, Danielle went to visit her GP again, and was referred to her local hospital for tests.

She was then dealt the devastating blow that not only did she have breast cancer, but that her cancer was stage 4, had spread to her liver, and was now incurable.

“I just went into complete shock, I couldn’t take in a word of what the doctor was saying.  It was like a bad dream”, she said.

Given how advanced Danielle’s cancer was, her oncologist decided to try a pioneering treatment, including chemotherapy and a number of targeted drugs. Once her treatment had started, Danielle immediately felt a change in her tumour.“It had definitely shrunk… so when I went back for my next cycle I asked them to do a scan to see what was going on.

Danielle - Race for Life case study

“I’d only had one round of chemo at that point and wasn’t due a scan for the next couple of weeks, but the oncologist felt my lump and was so amazed that she sent me for an ultrasound straight away.” 

To her delight and amazement, the scan revealed that Danielle’s tumour had shrunk by nearly fifty percent.“I was over the moon and for the first time in weeks I could see light at the end of a very dark tunnel”, she said.

Since then, Danielle has gone from strength to strength, and doctors are deciding if she will need follow up radiotherapy, as her latest scans have shown no visible signs of cancer in the breast, but they are still showing a small amount of cancer in the liver.

Danielle is now happily making plans for the future.  She and Tim are getting married in June, and she is also planning on taking part in the Hastings Race for Life 10k event in the same month. 

“If I had got this diagnosis 10 years ago, or even maybe five, this really would’ve been a death sentence.  But with the amazing progress being made by organisations such as Cancer Research UK I have a fighting chance of a normal, long and happy life and that’s what I intend to have.” 

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