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How to sign up as a group

Team up to help beat cancer

Have fun. Raise money. Beat cancer. How? Get a group together for Race for Life! Lead the way by becoming a Group Leader and get your family and friends involved.

As Group Leader, your job is to rally your team. We'll even send you a special badge to show everyone you’re in charge.

By fundraising together, you're raising money to help us develop new life-saving treatments that will protect future generations.

How to create a group

The Race for Life
  1. Find the event you want to take part in
  2. If you’re signing up friends or family, you will need their email address, home address and date of birth. You can register up to 10 adults at one time (including yourself)
  3. Select the fundraising target for either the whole group or per each group member
  4. After payment, select the option to ‘create a group’
  5. Choose a group name (this will go on your running number)
  6. That’s it – all you have to do now is start fundraising

Please note: Your Race number will only have your group name on if you create or join a group during your sign up process. This cannot be added at a later date. 

How to join a group

Group Graphic
  1. Join the event you want
  2. Click on ‘Join a group’
  3. Use the group page URL that your group leader sent you to search for your group
  4. Select your group
  5. Click ‘Join this group’

Find an event

Ready, set, fundraise!

Collection box
It’s a movement, it’s a party, it’s a family – and it’s a huge chance to raise the money we need to power our biggest discoveries. That’s why we ask you to raise a minimum of £50 on top of your entrance fee. The donations from your supporters help save lives.
Set up your Cancer Research UK Giving Page - the easiest way to collect donations
Get fundraising tips - check out our helpful guides packed full of fundraising ideas

Do we have to stay together on the day?

Race for Life group

It’s up to you! Stick together as a group and cheer each other around the course or up the ante with some (friendly!) competition. Just gather your pals and have fun at your own pace.

You don’t even have to all be part of the same event. You can take part in events all over the country and still be part of the same group. It’s a great way to fundraise with friends and family who don’t live nearby.

Remember whatever you do, however far you go, you’re helping to beat cancer.