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How to fundraise online

Fundraise the easy way

The Race for Life event

Calling cancer survivors, families racing for loved ones, and all those lacing up to help beat cancer! You’re the reason we can keep developing new treatments and funding cancer research.  

We love seeing you fundraise in your brilliant ways, but here’s one way to make things easier: a Cancer Research UK Giving Page.  

  • You receive a Cancer Research UK Giving Page when you sign up to Race for Life  

  • It's quick to sort out and simple to use 

  • You can fundraise on your own or as part of a group 

  • Your friends and family can sponsor you easily 

  • You can keep track of donations 

  • Share your story and let your supporters know why you’re racing

Access your Cancer Research UK Giving Page

All you need to do is log in using the email address you used to sign up to Race for Life.

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Make the most of your Giving Page

  • Race for Lifers who personalise their page raise more money. Add photos, videos and tell people your story and mission to supercharge fundraising. 
  • Share your page on social media and email it to your friends and family. It’s a great way to reach a lot of people. 
  • Let people know that their donation will make a real difference to our research. Every pound matters. 
  • ‘Make the first move’ and be the first to donate to your own page. Race for Lifers who make the first donation are over twice as likely to hit their target.  
  • Top Tip! Try and get the most generous person to donate to your online fundraising page early on. So, when other people visit your fundraising page they may be tempted to match or 'out donate' them.
  • Bring people along on your training journey by linking your page to your Strava or Fitbit – Race for Lifers who do can raise up to six times more money. And don’t forget to share!
  • Update your page before your event and immediately afterwards so you can encourage last-minute donations, and so that your friends and family can find out how you got on. 

Ready, set, fundraise!

Collection box
It’s a movement, it’s a party, it’s a family – and it’s a huge chance to raise the money we need to power our biggest discoveries. That’s why we ask you to raise a minimum of £50 on top of your entrance fee. The donations from your supporters help save lives.
Set up your Cancer Research UK Giving Page - the easiest way to collect donations
Get fundraising tips - check out our helpful guides packed full of fundraising ideas

Your money in action

Every one of our wins against cancer is powered by the pounds you donate. Here’s how your money helps people live better, for longer.

Where your money goes
  • £15 could run Cancer Chat for one hour, giving people living with cancer the chance to speak to someone who understands what they’re going through
  • £30 can buy full protective equipment for one of our scientists, so they can carry out their life-saving experiments safely
  • £50 could buy a microscope lens, so our scientists can focus on the small details that could help us beat cancer
  • £450 can fund a trial finding new treatments for people with advanced prostate cancer for one day