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How far is 10k?

Anyone can do a 10k

10K Race for Life

If you have taken part in a 5k Race for Life before, maybe this year you want to try the 10k event? Or maybe 10k is a better distance for you?

10 kilometres is just over six miles - that might sound long, but most people can walk it in under two hours - just like a stroll in the countryside!

Join the Race for Life 10k

We have nearly 100 Race for Life 10k events taking place up and down the country in 2020. Now you know how far it is, why not take the first step and find an event to enter?


Get ready for your event

Part of the fun is getting ready! Once you've decided on your event check out out top tips for preparing for the day.

You don't have to train, but why not make an early start on your fundraising with these great ideas? Or get our app for up-to-date event information at the top of your fingers.