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Safety materials

Keeping your Race for Life Schools event safe

We've got plenty of information and materials to help you run your Schools Race for Life event safely in line with COVID-19 measures.

Race for Life Schools fundraising event

It is vital that you follow the local regulations for where your event is based as these vary across the UK. These are not exhaustive suggestions and it is important that you carry out your own risk assessment for your event.

Your health and safety is our priority

We want to ensure that all our supporters stay safe while fundraising so have provided some guidance below.  It’s very important you read this before you get planning, to keep you and your students safe:

  • When planning your event ensure that you follow the current COVID-19 restrictions for your area and social distancing guidelines
  • Check out the latest Government guidance on social distancing, as well as any rules determined by the Governments of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland where applicable for updates
  • Do not host an event if you, or a member of your household, have any symptoms of COVID-19 and ask others not to attend if they feel unwell
  • Please ensure your school maintains good sanitation practices, including regular hand washing

We love taking part in our annual Race for Life at UTC Oxfordshire and were determined not to be stopped by Covid. Instead of running on mass, we held 4 smaller races so we could remain in our bubbles to protect staff and students. The students had a great time and it was a real positive to lift their spirits during these unprecedented times. We will certainly be going ahead in 2021 as we have seen that with a few tweaks, we can still have fun and raise money to help Cancer Research UK continue with their excellent work!

Victoria Knight, Teacher UTC Oxfordshire