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  2. 2018 events coming soon

2018 events coming soon

Race for Life 2018 events open for entry soon...

Below are some of the Race for Life 2018 events we're hoping to have open for entry soon. This isn't an exhaustive list - we'll keep this page updated regularly, and will have further events to add to these in the coming weeks and months. 


Basingstoke Pretty Muddy 5k 

Bath - The Racecourse Pretty Muddy 5k

Bedford Pretty Muddy 5k

Bedford Pretty Muddy 10k 

Birmingham - Cannon Hill 5k 

Birmingham - Cannon Hill 10k 

Blackpool Pretty Muddy 5k

Bristol Pretty Muddy 5k 

Cheltenham Pretty Muddy 5k 

Cornwall Pretty Muddy 5k

Durham 5k

Exeter Pretty Muddy 5k

Glasgow Pretty Muddy 5k

Guernsey 10k

London - Clapham 5k

London - Clapham 10k

London - Clapham Pretty Muddy 5k

London - Crystal Palace 5k

London - Crystal Palace 10k

London - Finsbury Park 5k

London - Finsbury Park 10k

London - Finsbury Park Pretty Muddy 5k

London - Victoria Park 5k

London - Victoria Park 10k

Northampton Pretty Muddy 5k 

Norwich Pretty Muddy 10k

Portsmouth 5k

Portsmouth 10k

Reading Pretty Muddy 5k

Rugby 5k

Rugby 10k

Sandwell Pretty Muddy 5k 

Stoke On Trent Pretty Muddy 5k 

Sutton Coldfield 5k

Sutton Coldfield 10k

Swindon Pretty Muddy 5k

Wolverhampton 5k 

Worcester Pretty Muddy 5k

Yeovil 5k